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Because we want to dance with friends in the middle of nowhere

Bring your camping gear, your friends, food, and toys. We will provide damn good music on a Funktion One sound system and space to ghost ride your whip.  There will be no services on site and the nearest town is 45 minutes away so pack in everything you need and pack everything out as well. 



  • From home use Google Maps to take you to Point #1, follow to Point #2.

  • Stay on Copper City Road all the way to point #3 which is just a fence forcing you to make a hard left.  This is the longest part of the drive, could last 30 minutes or so.

  •   Point #4 The road will turn right, follow to Point #5 

  • At Point #5, turn onto a small dirt road leading to Point #6 . Note, this is a very small unofficial road, but visible on google maps on satellite view only.

  • Point #6 ...Party time 


  We highly recommend that you arrive during daylight.

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