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Henry Strange loves electronics. He is an inventor and music technologist living in Los Angeles, California. He adopted the title ‘Strange’ after the experimental artist Allen Strange, who was an early inspiration when he was studying Philosophy at USF. Henry has been a modifier of things since he can remember. From building custom speakers in high school, to rebuilding the recording studios at his college, Henry has always been obsessed with sound and electronics.

He is amongst the first to introduce the use of Ableton Live (a live performance software) on large-scale tours. He created a new standard for music playback systems, and opened up a world of possibilities for custom control of playback music, and effects of live vocals and instruments. His well respected reputation in the live touring industry landed him roles as Music Director, Music Programmer and DJ on tours with Drake, Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, A$AP Rocky and Mike Posner.
Over the course of the last few years, Henry went on to develop unique software known as Setlist. This software simplifies the playback system and allows the DJ, band or playback operator to organize and trigger the songs easily thus minimizing the margin of error. Setlist seeks out to give the performer full control of the show. Along with triggering songs, Setlist fires off all of the accompanying video and lighting in perfect synchronicity. It is currently being used by over a dozen of today’s biggest acts and is available on the Strange Electronic website. 

Years ago, while preparing to tour with Kanye West, he introduced him to the ability to control his own vocal effects, such as auto tune and distortion, using a Nintendo Wii game controller. The controller has since been used on other tours such as Logic. Exploring live performance hacks has led to the current development of the midi mic controller. This device will give an artist dynamic control over any audio, video, lighting and even pyro parameters all at their fingertips. Henry expects the first road-ready prototypes to hit tours this fall.

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